Montag, 25. Februar 2008

pacific time 2

where ever i go in the world, i meet wise old women. in the golden gate park's japanese tea garden i met a vivid old lady who told me her amazing life story. she emigrated from germany to america after the war about 60 years ago. she married a hawaiian tennis player and lived with him 20 years in Hawaii. since her husbands early died while playing tennis she lives near the golden gate park in san francisco and has a son who is a tennis teacher. she never visited germany again but was overjoyed to be able to talk german with me. we became friends and decided to meet again in the golden gate park.
yesterday there was a party in the house where i am staying this month. my landlady has a fantastic family who joined us towards the evening. i specially got the honor to get to know her mother who is a remarkable woman. she is well over 70 but keeps on traveling to china where she feels at home. we were talking about the manyfold roots which human beings can have; roots which reach far beyond our present lives. this woman has followed her heart and intuition and is radiating peace, warmth and understanding. i was touched by her.

Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2008

pacific time 1

total lunar eclipse took place today between 7 pm and 7:51 pm pacific time zone. i witnessed it by standing by the lake shore in oakland. the full moon was totally in earth's shadow but shining faintly through. i smoked a nat sherman cigarette while contemplating our sublime relation with the moon. i was not the only one observing the eclipse but mostly the people were just jogging and driving by. or sweating in the gyms in an after-work frenzy. people here are like uptight show horses with bit and blinkers but they do have to work hard to try to make their bodies fulfill the criteria.
but in the same time, there is a creative ease and joy, an open mind and direct friendliness which elevates the days and makes them fun:) more about this, that and other will follow...