Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2007

360° stories

last week i was performing for people who were sitting all around me. i noticed that this was the first time for me. during my solo i kept turning and turning. suddenly there were so many directions and every one of them felt different. i felt safe, surrounded by people, like in a nest.
i think this is the way people used to perform to each other: storyteller in the middle of a warm breathing circle. the frontal thinking in performing must have come much later, in a time when the form took over, the preoccupation of looks and surface.
i am myself often a captive of frontal flat thinking. i do like to create pictures which only work in certain directions, it's sometimes very neat but but but...it is a revelation not to worry about it. performing circular gives the spectators various point of views what comes to movement and sound. in a circle the concentration keeps better and is much more a shared experience.
one can also forget the angular and often boring and even ugly spaces (=rooms) in which performances take place. i want more of this round performing! i want more performing in general!