Montag, 9. April 2007

lost in transition

well, i didin't have a chance to blog in japan anymore. or let's say that we experienced so much every day through our trip to fukuoka, kyoto and tokyo that i didn't have mental space to write.every city was very different in landscape and fukuoka there was the fresh ocean air, kyoto was like a mossy precious stone and tokyo like an urban dream. thank you to friends in fukuoka and tokyo for giving us such a special memories about those cities! now we are back in berlin but in the night i keep on dreaming about japan as if i'm still there. so in a way the japan time is still going on...
i don't know exactly how to continue this blog; here in europe i won't experience such a exciting things every day! but i have a wish to keep on writing anyway. maybe it will even help me to adapt to this life again. or to make me see it in a fresh, a bit difficult. berlin is berlin. lazy slow atmosphere, people sitting on the cafes outside, consuming amounts of cafe latte and "kuchen", casual cool behavior. biking, being practical, down to earth. but at least it's spring and the blackbirds are singing frantically!