Montag, 24. September 2007

pedaling days

this month i bike through the city every day. i zigzag among the tourist busses around check point charlie and stand on the traffic lights with other bikers on the crossing at alexanderplatz. in my bag i have training clothes, a water bottle, some self-made banana cake and a small book for notes and ideas. in the place where i’m heading, my body will be manipulated, strecthed, tickled and gently exhausted. it is made to sound and move, alone and with others, in direct and indirect relationships to itself, others and space.
we play our bodies with great concentration. we take seriously even the most strange bit of potential quality and give it a chance. big part of the work will not get a chance to develop outside this space but some bits will even end up being presented outside. it is like extracting gold out of a big junk of mixed minerals.
when i bike back at the end of the day, my training clothes are used, the water bottle empty and the cake finished while the body and the notebook are little bit more full of something exciting which keeps on cooking while standing in the traffic lights. but i also wonder how the other bikers’ day has been.