Dienstag, 18. März 2008

pacific time 3

i have a double ear infection in my left ear. for one week now i am half-deaf but hearing my own voice overly loud. anybody who has ever experienced ear infection, knows how uncomfortable state this is. my infection is a result of non-healed virus which has been storming inside my body for one month now. some months ago i was writing about my left side being the vulnerable yet creative part of me. so of course the infection attacked my left ear and stiffened all the muscles on the left side of my neck! loosing half of the hearing influences every bit of my life and on top of that there is the nauseous and spinning side-effects of antibiotics. my balance is shaky, my moving lacks groundedness and singing is no fun. in the company of others i feel cut off, isolated and different from them. i am caged in my own head-capsule listening my own blood bounce and mix with the undefined sonic information from somewhere outside. how long will the infection hold its grip of my ear?!
so, actually i wrote that text yesterday. my ear is still stuck but i can make the eardrum move little bit by pushing air in to the ear. i have been also inhaling fresh eucalyptus leaves and cones, which i collect just behind my house. you can always trust the nature, its remedies are there free for us to use.