Sonntag, 27. Mai 2007


i finally have them: big sunglasses which make me look like a fly.i have been hunting for them for two years.
i have a very difficult face for any kind of sunglasses. the round, childlike form with the ski jumper's nose makes most glasses look akward and not fitting. many years i was trying to convince myself that i cannot go for the big ones. but they are the only ones that fit and sit and protect! i need the sunglasses specially against the flying insects. when i'm biking they always tend to aim for my eyes.
why sunglasses make you feel cool? in a way, i'm against this sunglass-culture in which you can always hide yourself behind these dark windows. i feel abstract and uncomfortable when communicating with somebody without seeing their eyes. my glasses are at least not so dark. and on the other hand, the ultraviolet light is increasing and maybe it is worth to protect our precious, let's all be flies...zzzzzzzz.

Dienstag, 8. Mai 2007

sounding in south of france

i have been up-dating this blog already severyl times, but only in my mind. the last weeks i spent in the chateau de malerargues, a place among the mountains of cevennes in south of france where there was no chance to be linked with the net. that was good in many ways. i got to practise my hand writing and could fully concentrate on the subject i was there for: voice. i was training and exploring it with the excellent Roy Hart teachers. Or rather, i was "sounding" how Noah Pikes would call it.
How good it was to strech the vocal folds, the whole body and all its resonating parts from head to toe.this work dives deep into the unconscious and stirs the sources, wakes them up and gives sound for them. from giants and kings to queens, witches and femme fatales and everything between.ah, what a spectrum of stuff we are made of!!!
i indeed got a kick again. and it has something to do with the place itself, malerargues and france. it's little bit magic and sensual to go there. maybe already because it's very difficult to get there. this time i travelled by using the airplane, bus, three different trains and a car. but it's worth the trouble. now, back in berlin, i'm relishing my experiences and intending to keep on sounding.