Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2007

climatic moods

i am more and more affected by weather. when the air pressure sinks, my blood pressure goes down and my head spins. when electricity fills the air in the thunderstorm i feel my hair standing erect and excitement in the heart.
i think i'm not the only one. there is clearly days when the city is full of moody and nervous people and i think we can often blame the weather. it's as if the extreme weather conditions stretch our nerves and try to fragment our minds. furthermore, berlin is situated more or less exactly between two climatic fronts: the west-european cloudy humidity and the east-european continental dry air. and to these we can add the "böen" coming from somewhere. i can observe these different fronts meeting on the berliner sky from our flat in the 13th floor. this summer has performed already several thunderstorms with all the special effects. but also amazing rainbows which always seem to start and end from the same spot.
i think nobody can deny the fact that the climat is changing. global warming is everywhere. the term has become almost fashionable and it's shamelessly used in advertising whatever. oh, yes, it's good that we talk about it, so much so that the real seriousness behind it starts to vanish as we get used to it. only, it will get worse and this frightens me. the weather is taking on new unknown forms which affect us in unpredictable ways. indeed catastrophies...touching even the grey and "safe" mid-europe. in some ways i also wellcome them as the storms cleansing the air. and maybe, when we really hit the bottom or meet the eye of the hurricane, we will suddenly see more clearly.