Donnerstag, 18. September 2008


long time ago, a white wounded fox was wandering around the area which is nowadays known as yamaguchi in the western japan. she was sniffing about the volcanic earth till she found several springs with crystal clear hot water. she put her wounded and tired paws into the steaming spring and relaxed. the water was healing her wounds, making her fur shine and giving the fox new energy. ever since, the hot springs in yamaguchi are dedicated to the SHIROI KITSUNE.

one day not so long time ago, a white dog arrived in yamaguchi. she was worn out after a long trip through the air. following the white fox’s example, she found her way to the hot springs and put her paws to the soothing water. how she was enjoying! the water had lost nothing of its healing powers. and it was for free and just by the street. even a poor dog could plunge her paws into the pool every day if she so wished! thank you KITSUNE!

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Blogger Pisara meinte...

What a wonderful story, and very beautiful image! I am a great fan of kitsunes, and I even think in my dog there is a little bit kitsune in her.

19. September 2008 um 23:32  
Blogger white dog meinte...

Hei Pisara! That is true. I had to think about your Nana when i saw those white Kitsunes -the same slender body and standing ears.

20. September 2008 um 19:00  

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