Freitag, 31. August 2007

collector calls again

in my nearest park there is a circular section called duft garten -blinden und behinderten garten = scent garden -garden for the blind and handicapped. i don't know what was the original idea for its name but is has some smelling herbs in it, planted high on the circular earthbeds. this week my collector's instinct was calling me so strongly that i went in with a plastic bag and collected thyme till an old copple stepped in and i had to hide the bag. now we have fresh thyme on our breakfast sandwiches. already this gives me satisfaction. i will soon go there again and collect the stock for the rest of the year.
maybe part of this instict is also my new membership in the biggest bio supermarket in town. the membershipcard gives me an alibi to discover ever so attractive bio products in this green consumer's paradise. but that's about the only place i buy anything anyway nowadays!

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Blogger Little Sister Araneida meinte...

Oh, you naughty collector stealing from blind and handicapped people!!!

No, really, what a wonderful idea to have a park or place that celebrates other senses than the dominating visual one in our culture.

Enjoy the thyme - without guilty feelings;)

(and by the way I lengthened my name to protest the tv-show Big Brother and that kind of mentality in general)

2. September 2007 um 01:33  
Blogger white dog meinte...

hei little sister araneida!
i confess you that today i was stealing peppermint in potsdam. i visited the so-called buga garden (=bundes gartenschau) and they had specific was with "useful" plants like mustard, corn or this strongly smelling mints.
i also saw trees full of apples but couldn't climb so high.

2. September 2007 um 12:29  
Blogger Little Sister Araneida meinte...

You are incurable, white dog!

2. September 2007 um 12:47  

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