Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2008

pacific time 1

total lunar eclipse took place today between 7 pm and 7:51 pm pacific time zone. i witnessed it by standing by the lake shore in oakland. the full moon was totally in earth's shadow but shining faintly through. i smoked a nat sherman cigarette while contemplating our sublime relation with the moon. i was not the only one observing the eclipse but mostly the people were just jogging and driving by. or sweating in the gyms in an after-work frenzy. people here are like uptight show horses with bit and blinkers but they do have to work hard to try to make their bodies fulfill the criteria.
but in the same time, there is a creative ease and joy, an open mind and direct friendliness which elevates the days and makes them fun:) more about this, that and other will follow...

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Anonymous Pisara meinte...

Hello Lunar Dog! Did you feel like howling at the moon that was eclipsed? I also noticed from the newspaper that the moon was going to eclipse but didn't contemplate it as it happened in the night.

My Nana doesnt like at all me sitting at the computer and right now she is whining and placing her paws on my hands so it's difficult to write. And I just opened the computer ten minutes ago! but she is wise - computers are not healthy!

24. Februar 2008 um 11:29  

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